Mission Trip 2015
In October 21 children, youth, and adults traveled to Bloxom Church of the Nazarene in Bloxom, VA to do many needed repairs to the facilities prior to the arrival of the church's new pastor. Our children and youth did an outstanding job of cleaning out the Tabernacle and helping to renovate the fellowship hall and kitchen. In addition, they worked tirelessly in helping to cook and clean. We worked in the main parsonage and church doing various needed repairs such as putting in new heating lines, water lines, and new ceiling tile. We also helped in removing drywall from the walls and ceilings that had been damaged by leaking roofs. We are hoping to continue to do these types of ministries at least once a year if not more. Come and join us as we seek to minister in our community, around the state, and even around the globe. 

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